About Asbestos
Phone: 1300 780 745
Mobile: 0499 989 897

Friable Asbestos Removal
Licence No: AD206785
Asbestos Assessor Licence
No: LAA001050

Welcome to About Asbestos- Asbestos Removal Northern Rivers, NSW, QLD & South Pacifc

Asbestos can be a dirty word…and a dangerous one!

That’s why at About Asbestos you’ll find a team of trusted, experienced and certified friable asbestos removal specialists whose motto is ‘your safety is our priority’.

It is essential that adequate measures be taken to protect people from the risk of asbestos exposure. About Asbestos can help you meet all current legislation for efficient asbestos management and for safe asbestos removal.

About Asbestos is licenced to conduct all friable asbestos removal. As licenced asbestos assessors, About Asbestos can also conduct auditing to provide you with a comprehensive asbestos management plan for your company.

Based in the Northern Rivers, About Asbestos services Queensland, NSW and the South Pacific.

Find out more about the asbestos safety services that we offer by visiting our services page.

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