About Asbestos
Phone: 1300 780 745
Mobile: 0499 989 897

Friable Asbestos Removal
Licence No: AD206785
Asbestos Assessor Licence
No: LAA001050


A workplace or demolition site where asbestos has been identified must have an asbestos management plan. This plan needs to set out clear aims stating what, when and how asbestos work will be done and how exposure risk to staff and site visitors will be managed.

A comprehensive asbestos management plan provided by About Asbestos will provide you with detailed asbestos management information in accordance with Work Health & Safety Regulations and includes;

  • asbestos inspection with photographs
  • asbestos laboratory analysis results
  • asbestos identification and risk assessment
  • recommendations for asbestos removal and damage control
  • air monitoring arrangements
  • asbestos safety and control measures
  • work procedures and access permits for asbestos restricted zones
  • legislative requirements and responsibilities
  • location of asbestos register, warning signs and indicative labels
  • laminated notice of compliance
  • consultation, information and training responsibilities
  • procedure for review
  • asbestos glossary of terms
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