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Friable Asbestos Removal
Licence No: AD206785
Asbestos Assessor Licence
No: LAA001050


Friable asbestos is a hazardous material which can be easily crumbled by hand and can pose a serious health threat if the fibres are released and breathed into the lungs. Any job that involves friable asbestos needs the supervision and expertise of a A class licenced asbestos removalist.


Bonded asbestos fibro wall cladding, roof or fence sheets, may become friable if fire, hail or illegal water blasting damage occurs. These materials need to be made safe once they become broken or damaged to minimize any release of asbestos fibres.


If you are thinking about working with or removing any material that may contain asbestos you need to consider if you can comply with the laws and safe procedures for working with asbestos. An A class licenced asbestos assessor, supervisor and removalist like About Asbestos may be required for the job.

If you are the manager with control of a workplace, by law you must ensure that asbestos at the workplace is identified and recorded in a register that is kept up to date and is easily accessible on site.

About Asbestos can assist with this process by providing competent asbestos assessment including asbestos identification, safe sampling, laboratory testing and analysis, asbestos registering, management and visual clearances.

About Asbestos also prepare comprehensive asbestos registers and management plans, a requirement of the Work Health and Safety Regulations.

About Asbestos are licenced for friable asbestos supervision as well as removal and can supervise asbestos removal and provide air monitoring and filtered air validation for your job.

If you need assistance or answers about your friable asbestos concerns we can service the areas of NSW, QLD and the South Pacific. Your safety is our priority.

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